Railway construction

Construction of railway track - is one of the most important services provided by Skinest Ehitus AS. We perform all necessary works for constructing railway tracks:

  • Performance of earthworks, including blading fill materials or cutting, earth moving along the field of operations, levelling, sealing off and, if applicable, drainage of the future roadbed (diverting of ground water etc.)
  • Installation of engineering structures (laying of pipe culverts, drainage gutters, flyovers)
  • Laying of tack structure, including formation of ballast section, laying of rail seats (sleepers), laying, fixing and connection of rails, installation of turnouts and other rail crossings of all types
  • Ballasting and track surfacing
  • Installation of railway crossings
  • Interlocking of track and turnouts, installation of automatic control at railway crossings, installation of snow removing systems for turnouts
  • Reconstruction of overhead systems
  • Construction of buildings, structures, platforms and elevated tracks.

All works are performed in strict compliance with the requirements for safety, efficiency, lasting properties, and quality of the constructed track.

All railway track construction works carried out by Skinest Ehitus AS end with putting the track into operation. Commissioning certificate is signed by the committee, representatives of the client, the Technical Surveillance Authority and the representative of thee connecting infrastructure.

Partners and clients
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